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Omer Goldberg

Since 1991 • NYC • TLV

How I built an Ethereum flavored blockchain.
Streamline your dev workflow with great docs.
React Native
A quick and dirty RN app for a univeristy project.
Travel Boutique
A website for an Israeli Travel Boutique.
Wellness Center
A landing page for a Tel Avivian Wellness center.
How My Startup Failed
Hard earned lessons.
Functional Programming
My FP journey.
Why GraphQL Matters
Coming soon!
Omer Arie Goldberg
In 2015 I built a search engine for the dark net, and assited the Paris police in collecting field intelligence regarding domestic threats.
I am constantly curious and have a passion for creating exceptional UXes with efficient back end services.

By day, I am a Software Engineer for Facebook on the Internet.org team. At Facebook I enjoy working across the stack to bring awesome products to life while making them accessible. When I am not at my desk I am most likely doing Bikram Yoga, hacking on side projects or bingeing Netflix.
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